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[EN] Lolita Roy (2018)

Materials: backlight vinyl, lights, glass atrium of the former Hammersmith Council building.

Images created using the programming library: Processing.


Public artwork in the atrium of the Hammersmith Council. One of the 20 artworks across LDN WMN, commissioned by the Mayor of London and Tate Collective. The project celebrated the centenary of the women's suffrage in the UK. 

 The material and digital degeneration of the imagery highlights the selective memory of human history and specifically, the memory of the Indian suffragettes fading from view. The artwork discloses the seminal role of Indian women campaigning for democracy and the social freedom of repressed people across the British Empire. The superimposed imagery of their militant actions contextualises the role of Lolita Roy within the wider suffragette's political activism in Britain and India. The suffragettes accomplished political and social change through active and creative disturbance.

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